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An advanced production technology of automobile micromotor

2019-12-09 13:49


At present, automobile micromotor is mainly used in the three parts and accessories of automobile engine, chassis and body. It is an important component to support automobile engine. The shape of automobile micromotor is developing in the direction of flat, disc, lightweight and short to meet the needs of automobile specific environment. In order to realize the development of automobile micro motor, a new production process is essential. In this era of rapid development, the new process must respect advanced technology and reasonable economy, that is to say, the advanced process equipment can obtain reasonable economic benefits.


There are many varieties and different structures of automobile micro motors. The previous ordinary processing can not meet the needs, so it is necessary to adopt NC processing. NC processing meets the accuracy requirements of automobile micro motors and saves a lot of labor. Therefore, the price is naturally much lower than before.


With the development of microcomputer controlled step servo system in China, simple NC machine tool has become the main aspect of technical transformation in the industry. After decades of development, automobile micro motor has formed fine and large-scale production and development. At present, it has become a large part of the micro motor industry and an indispensable basic industry in the modernization of national economy and national defense. In the future, with the continuous improvement and innovation of China's technology, the automobile micro motor will also develop more perfectly. The development direction of automobile micro motor in the future is thin, light, brushless and electronic.

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