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Continued innovation: boost 12th Five-Year transformation across

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In recent years, the iron and steel industry, stainless steel industry oversupply including, by the restriction of resources and environment is very conspicuous contradictions, the resource competition among enterprises, the scale of competition, market competition intensified, the only really in the status of the industry is facing severe challenges.


What are the application advantages of automobile micromotor?

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Cars are familiar to everyone. They are everywhere in our life. With the development of the country, cars in China are developing towards automation, electronization and intelligence. Micromotors are increasingly used in various electronic automatic control mechanical devices. Automotive micromotors are mainly used in various systems and components of cars and new energy vehicles to meet the requirements of consumers for comfort, Automobile micromotor has multiple application advantages, including lightness, shortness, high efficiency, brushless, DSP motor control and so on.


An advanced production technology of automobile micromotor

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At present, automobile micromotor is mainly used in the three parts and accessories of automobile engine, chassis and body. It is an important component to support automobile engine. The shape of automobile micromotor is developing in the direction of flat, disc, lightweight and short to meet the needs of automobile specific environment. In order to realize the development of automobile micro motor, a new production process is essential. In this era of rapid development, the new process must respect advanced technology and reasonable economy, that is to say, the advanced process equipment can obtain reasonable economic benefits.

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