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The only true 2015 yearend dinner held successfully

2019-11-14 13:54

2016 January 27, the company yearend dinner in "century aqueen hotel opened. First of all, the company issued annual excellent employee in the performance of the work in 2015, a prize and certificate issued by the president and chairman of the board of directors; company total speech, first of all must be that companies make efforts and achievements, will face more challenges and opportunities, greater mission, called on all staff to maintain the passion of fighting, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder closely, coordinated development, through thick and thin, to reach new heights. The reunion dinner started after the gala kicked off. Party colorful programs, each department of the company staff staged dynamic dance, interesting pieces and other performers sway with enthusiasm, with estrus performance, has brought endless joy to everyone, and draw the show to a climax, the carnival atmosphere has been haunted by the whole venue, until the party ended. The evening is not only active in corporate culture, so that employees feel the warmth of the only real family, to further enhance the company's cohesion, to create a harmonious, unity, a warm atmosphere.

The only true 2015 yearend dinner held successfully

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