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Working principle of push rod DC motor

2020-01-09 13:47

Push rod DC motor is a product often called driver and actuator. Its working principle is to reduce the speed of the high-speed motor through various deceleration methods, drive the screw rod to rotate, and make the nut show a straight-line back and forth action on the screw rod.

After the DC motor of the push rod is decelerated by the gear, it drives a pair of screw nuts. The rotary motion of the push rod DC motor is changed into a linear motion, and the forward and reverse rotation of the motor is used to complete the push rod action. For example, complex actions such as rotation and shaking can be completed through various levers, rocker or connecting rod mechanisms. By changing the length of the lever arm, the stroke can be increased or enlarged.

The push rod DC motor is also divided into many types, including trapezoidal screw, ball screw and planetary ball screw. The most common is trapezoidal screw, which adjusts the speed through the screw pitch. The push rod DC motor of trapezoidal screw has the advantages of cheaper price and better self-locking force, because the bite degree of trapezoidal structure is better than that of other structures, and the push rod DC motor has ultra-high cost performance. Relatively speaking, the price of ball screw is more expensive and the self-locking force is poor, but the transmission efficiency is better, because there are a large number of balls in the screw and the friction coefficient is smaller.

Another kind of relatively rare is the planetary ball screw. The price is more expensive than the first two, but the service life is relatively long. The disadvantage is that the scope of use is relatively small and can rarely be applied.

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