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Analyze the knowledge of push rod DC motor

2020-01-10 13:46

With the rapid development of national economy and the continuous improvement of science and technology, China has gradually completed the transformation from a large agricultural country to an industrial country, and the social modern industrial automation level has been continuously improved. In the current machinery, metallurgy, national defense, petrochemical and other industrial industries, push rod DC motor is widely used as a professional energy conversion transmission device.

Now people have higher and higher requirements for product quality and production level, so the quality of push rod DC motor must keep up. Enterprises have more and more refined requirements for push rod DC motor. Today, Xiaobian will talk about the application knowledge of push rod DC motor.

The motor can convert electric energy into kinetic energy, and the push rod DC motor is a rotating equipment with DC as the driving power. Through the stator and rotor composed of internal magnetic pole, brush, iron core and winding group, the DC can be converted into corresponding magnetic field to generate power through the action of magnetic field.

Push a group of linkage mechanisms to complete the switching of damper, valve, gate and baffle. The push rod DC motor adopts the electric push rod as the actuator, which can not only reduce the air supply device and auxiliary equipment required by the pneumatic actuator, but also reduce the weight of the actuator. With the electric push rod actuator, power supply is required when the control opening is changed, and power supply can no longer be provided when the required opening is reached. Therefore, from the perspective of energy saving, the electric push rod actuator has obvious energy-saving advantages over the pneumatic actuator.

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