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What are the application advantages of automobile micromotor?

2019-12-02 13:51

Cars are familiar to everyone. They are everywhere in our life. With the development of the country, cars in China are developing towards automation, electronization and intelligence. Micromotors are increasingly used in various electronic automatic control mechanical devices. Automotive micromotors are mainly used in various systems and components of cars and new energy vehicles to meet the requirements of consumers for comfort, Automobile micromotor has multiple application advantages, including lightness, shortness, high efficiency, brushless, DSP motor control and so on.



Generally, the material of automobile micromotor is mainly magnetic material, which is the requirement of all kinds of motors for permanent magnet materials. Permanent magnet materials for automobile micromotor are mainly because permanent magnet is more compact, small, light, efficient and reliable than magnetic motor. Permanent magnet has a great impact on the performance and volume of automobile micromotor. Compared with other motors, automobile micromotor still chooses permanent magnet materials.

The other is comfort. By understanding the number of micro motors equipped in the car, we can observe the level of the car configuration and the degree of comfort and luxury.

In this period of rapid expansion of automobile demand, the application scope of automobile micro motor is becoming wider and wider, and the entry of foreign capital also makes the competition in the micro motor industry more and more intense. However, these phenomena can show that the development prospect of automobile motor is broad, and micro motor will also make great achievements in the field of automobile electronics.

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