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2015-03,Shenzhen Weizhen Motor Co.,Ltd. was founded twenty anniversary

2014-08, Hefei Weizhen Motor Co.,Ltd.

2013-03, Weizhen union federation was named the "2013 year Longgang District three eight red flag collective"

2012-12,Weizhen get the "national high-tech enterprises," the title

2011-12,Weizhen won the Shenzhen city "party build five star enterprise unit" title

2011-12,Weizhen won the Shenzhen City Award of the Union's "women Gang civilization" title

2011-09, Chairman of the company was elected as the Second Council of Longgang Bantian District Shenzhen Street Association

2011-07, The company has become the member unit of China Electrical Industry Association

2010-12, The company was awarded the 2010 annual Library of Shenzhen city Longgang District outstanding branch

2010-06, Party branch of the company has won the "advanced grass-roots party organizations," the title of Shenzhen

2009-01, Company was named the 2008 annual labor relations and harmonious enterprise in Shenzhen City

2008-07, Shenzhen city Longgang district library branch only really put into use

2008-06, The company successfully passed the SONY green partner GP certification

2008-04, Company smoothly through the ISO/TS16949 company SGS automotive product quality management system certification

2007-11, Company construction area of 16000 square meters of staff dormitory building

2006-03, Company RK-450 series products smoothly through the United States UL security certification

2005-11, Our company passed the SGS IS014001 environmental management system certification

2005-09, The company fully implement the JIT production mode and start to import ERP management system

2004-06, Weizhen industrial park officially completed, the company successfully moved to Shenzhen city in Bantian as the new snow

2003-09, Company smoothly through the QS9000 company SGS automotive product quality management system certification

2002-12, Study on the micro motor company was awarded the "product quality trustworthy enterprise" title

2001-03, Company smoothly through the ISO9001 company SGS quality management system certification

2000-06,The company from Bagualing moved to Shenzhen city Buji Nanling village in Shenzhen City

1995-03,Shenzhen Weizhen Motor Co.,Ltd. founded

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